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Letter Of Introduction/Personal Statement

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This cause is about Wrongful Convictions, and the Outrageous Government Conduct that is at the root of it. In particular this cause is about Eric Anderson's case. It is a case brimming full of nefarious deeds and corruption, that is so abundant and so blatant, that even a naysayer can see and then believe.

However, we are not asking you to simply believe these shocking claims unfounded or on faith alone .... This is why hundreds of transcript and documents have been included and quoted. to PROVE EVERY SINGLE POINT OF EACH CLAIM! 

We believe what you will be able to read is so deeply compelling and disturbing, it will blow your mind, leaving you outraged and screaming for those responsible to be held accountable! 

Just one major aspect you will read about, with the documentation proof of, is how the Prosecutor in this case, both had evidence of and knew his main witness's story was full of lies beforehand-Yet he gave him a Plea Deal based on what is Perjuried testimony! When he felt that wasn't enough to assure a wrongful conviction he puts on the stand and Detective who lies about evidence that doesn't exist! ... Then lies about evidence to the jury in Closing! 

There is undeniable proof of every claim, made worst by a broken system that has Anderson on a waiting list for a Habeas lawyer for nearly 15 years and counting! 

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We really need your help and support! We want to raise a Public Outcry for Eric Anderson and thousands of others who arc wrongly convicted, that are stuck inside a broken system. A system that is unwilling to make their wrongs, right!!! 

No hater allowed!!! ... You can either get behind us or get out of the way!!! "No prisoners will be taken ..... only released from their Injustice done at the hands of a corrupt and broken system!

Please note: The word "we'' is a collective "we", that is inclusive of not only Eric Anderson and his Administrators but also anyone who becomes a follower, and wants to make themselves feel apart of something or a movement within this cause! 

This page will be continually monitored and administered by Administrators. 

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