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In Conclusion...

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If you made it this far, I want to extend my deepest appreciation for your time and considerations. I will try to make this conclusion as short as possible. 

You have learned about the legal aspects and those parties involved within my case. I also feel it is fitting for you to know more about me on a personal level. The man behind this case, sort of speak. 

Like many others, I had a rough childhood, because of this I was forced to run away from what was happening at the age of 16. One might think I got into drugs right away, but that did not happen until much later. I did not even smoke a cigarette at this point. Instead I had gotten a fake ID in order to land a job. The job was building the Steel Canyon Golf Course as an underground construction laborer. Later on I worked as a delivery driver for an Auto Parts company. At this point I had to use my real ID. Life was not great by any means, but I was getting by alone without support. 

One day while driving on the job, a driver ran into my vehicle at a high speed. I was hurt pretty bad. Workers Compensation was only 2/3 of my normal minimum wage. I quickly realized I was going to be in a dilemma soon. I could not work, I was in pain and running out of money to live. Before long, I was not going to be able to afford rent in the cheapest motel downtown I was living in. 

That same week, someone saw my C-collar and gave me a joint to help numb my pain from the accident. After learning how much it cost, I became aware in the East part of the County, that I could get it much cheaper than it cost in downtown San Diego. Injured and close to homelessness I realized I could make some living expense money on this besides using it to manage my pain from the accident. 

I had also obtained my GED and took a Automotive course--- Maintenance and Repair from San Diego Community College and at this point I stopped selling weed once I had found a Youth Homeless Shelter to stay at night. I was getting healthy and educated during the day. 

After more than one year I was ready to work again doing the same job of delivering auto parts. 

As fate would have it, a short time after going back to work I was hit again while stopped at a stop light. It was fortunately less physically severe of a accident but psychologically it was a perfect storm emotionally to cause me to question the false idea put in my head "told as a child" that I was cursed or just bad luck. I allowed this notion to consume my daily thoughts and question myself. At this point I started to indulge in heavy drug use and crime. I tried to clean my act again and work again. This was off and on, a vicious cycle that spiraled right into landing in prison, my first time at age 21. 

I had signed a deal for 6 years and 8 months at 80% and basically ended up doing 6 years. Those 6 years felt like forever. By the time I was released I was 27 years old. While incarcerated I worked on my past issues and head clarity as to who I was. I was more confident. More importantly I knew what I wanted for my life, and the good direction to take. 

It helped that I had a couple of true and loyal friends to help. Right away I had a job as a Union Carpenter. Sometime later I started a business as a Tattoo Artist, doing custom tattoos. The first year and a half that I was out, were by far the best years of my life! It wasn't long after that I began to have some issues with my health, another accident occurred when a drunk driver ran into my girlfriend's car while she was stopped at a light. At this point some old fears started to creep inside my head only with some other minor stuff seemed to be building up. The feeling of wanting to leave and make a new start was beginning to set in. Then about this time, the straw that broke the camel's back came...However it was far more than just a straw!

I was driving home one night when I dozed off at the wheel and ran a red light. My truck T-Boned another truck, which lead to the lady who was driving the other truck to die later at the hospital. I was devastated and unable to cope! Unfortunately and a bit of a cliche, I fell back into my old coping ways of dealing with my pain and feelings. I began to indulge in drugs heavily which began again doing crimes. I also was trying to maintain my tattoo business as well. That of course is how I came across these people "people involved in this case". 

I was already trying to clean myself up. I did begin working off and on again. However, I still could not express how I was feeling, or really knew how to express myself of how I was feeling even if I wanted to, to my few close friends I still had. They were encouraging me to open up, to allow myself to move on. This is difficult to understand unless you grew up the way I did. When you are ridiculed as a child, when nothing you did was right it is hard to express your emotions because you learned to suppress your feelings. It was always safer that way. When you spent years suppressing it is difficult to let go and express. Before I had come to terms with the accident, and the lady dying, the condo I was living in was raided one morning, while away. 

I was facing 3 strikes at this time, so I knew any felony could land me in prison for life. I just wanted to get away, lay low and lick my wounds. I had assumed I was wanted for either the lady dying in the car accident or something like stolen property. I went to my cousin's house out of state and even worked doing a side job, remodeling a bathroom. But, there was no such thing as running from your problems and not long afterward I was arrested. 

The reason is seen in the legal work of what happened....

The main purpose for why all of this has been put together is to be free again and try to live the life I have lost. Also to bring public awareness to the greater, overall issues seen in my own case that affect thousands of others who were wrongly convicted. 

My idea on how to accomplish this is to find legal help, through an organization like the Innocent Project or from a law firm doing Pro Bono work. The best scenario is finding a lawyer that is not only good, but media savvy. Then with the support and help of so many possible followers, bypass the courts and place public pressure on the San Diego's DA's office to do the right thing or expose them for standing behind the criminal acts and corruption their office is responsible for. Also to show the public what kind of injustice practices they inflicted on their constituents and supporters. Going through the court system is what the justice system is hoping for .... they can delay and bog down cases for years and years! Time is on their side ... if I die while awaiting for justice, their problem is solved. This is why I want to hijack the process and make an appeal to the public for Justice! I have been here for 15 years and the next to nothing has been done but a lot of waiting! It is why on average it takes someone on death row 35 years to prove they have been wrongly convicted and be released. Then the State and Courts expect you to be happy about it! It seems the Courts are happy to take their good old time doing the right thing, and I in the meantime must smile for the cameras. It doesn't seem to matter you become an old man, who's life has passed you by. Frankly, I would rather they decide to execute me tomorrow, then spend another 20 years hoping they do what is right! The system needs to be reformed and made equal for all, not just the rich who can afford to spend a quarter of a million dollars or more to fight a case just like mine. So until they execute me or release me I want to be the thorn in their side that can not be ignored! Like Patrick Henry famously was quoted, "Give me liberty or give me death." 

One of my hopes, if or when I get released is to be a activist against much of the stuff that is the root of how wrongful conviction come to be in the first place, instead of just fighting for cases after they happen. 

Prosecution misconduct in all it's different forms is one of the biggest problems. Especially when they get away factually lying to the Jury in closing arguments about evidence, like in my case. Also how there are laws protecting police officers and detectives who get on the stand and commit perjury knowingly. Then maybe worst of all our judges who when they see this misconduct, all to often they turn a blind eye to it, over looking it. This happens in our court rooms and also on appeals. Not all judges, DA's or detectives are "bad", but too many have turned our judicial system of justice equivalent to a third world Kangaroo Court! It is time to make reform. It is time we all put our foot collectively in the judicial systems (we have now) asses! (Metaphorically) 

For any naysayers who might feel my comparison to our system is like a third world justice system, unfair after reading about the types of corruption seen in my case, then for you to know I have been waiting in prison for my Habeas counsel (state level) for 14 plus years and told maybe 6 more years before one will be appointed to me. If that doesn't resemble what is often referred to as a kangaroo court, then I ask any naysayers to look it up and research the problems seen in these third world country's courts and compare for yourself. This is very much a third World Justice system we have, except for the rich and affluent. 

I ask for everyone to get involved in this over all issue, even if you don't sign up to support me in particular.  Get involved now in one way or another before you or someone you know becomes the next Eric Anderson! 

PLEASE BE ADVISED: I may speak passionately about my own case or thoughts about our justice system but I do not want anyone on my behalf or otherwise to make any threats, or do anything to those who are involved in my case who have led to my wrongful conviction. 

Do not write, email or contact any person, place or organization involved in my case on my behalf. Any request for information or questions will be answered via my website or Facebook page. My organizers would like to keep responses organized so it is effectively done. 

I do not have internet access in prison. I rely on my organizers to relay messages and build my online sites. Feel free to email or write me personally using the contact information below. Although I am unable to access email from my location, my Administrators receive my emails and will forward any correspondence on my behalf. And feel free to follow my Facebook Page.

Please keep in mind when writing that I have limited funds for postage and welcome stamps for replying. I am permitted to receive up to 40 stamps/2 books within each letter.




May we all have a brighter future!!! 




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Eric Anderson #F-01126

San Quentin State Prison


San Quentin, CA 94974


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